Efficiency Unleashed: Mobile Data Capture and Reporting

With the power of advanced geospatial technology at your fingertips, you can streamline data collection, enhance accuracy, and extract meaningful insights like never before.

Revolutionizing Field Data Collection

Empowering Your Field Operations

In the modern world, the field is no longer disconnected from the office. Our customized solution bridges this gap by offering a powerful mobile data capture solution that empowers field teams to collect information on-the-go, effortlessly aligning with organizational needs and objectives.

The Makwa7 Advantage – leveraging the power of Survey123:

Data Capture Reimagined

Intuitive Mobile App

Survey123 offers a user-friendly mobile app that makes data capture in the field a breeze. Its intuitive interface ensures easy adoption for both technical and non-technical users.

Real-time Connectivity:

Seamlessly connect with your team and the central database in real time. Say goodbye to manual data entry and duplication errors.

Location-Aware Data

Leverage the power of location intelligence. Capture geospatial information alongside data, providing context and insight that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Customizable Forms

Tailor your data collection forms to your specific needs. Incorporate conditional logic, multimedia attachments, and validations for comprehensive and accurate data capture.

Calgary Field Data Experts

Solutions For Diverse Needs

Unlocking Field Insights

Enviromental Monitoring:

Gather real-time data on environmental changes, pollution levels, and natural habitats. Survey123 empowers environmentalists to make informed decisions.

Infrastructure Management:

Maintain and manage infrastructure assets efficiently. From roads to utility networks, capture data that aids in strategic planning and maintenance.

Disaster Response:

In crisis situations, every second counts. Survey123 enables rapid assessment and data collection during emergencies, facilitating swift response efforts.

Agricultural Planning:

Optimize agricultural practices with geospatial insights. Capture data on soil conditions, crop health, and water usage for precision farming.

The Complete Experience

Elevating Field Operations

Seamless Integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates with Esri’s geospatial ecosystem, providing a unified platform for data collection, analysis, and visualization.

Offline Capabilities

No internet connection? No problem. Survey123’s offline capabilities ensure that data capture continues even in remote or disconnected locations.

Data Security

Your data’s security is our priority. Survey123 employs robust encryption and authentication mechanisms to keep your information safe.

Real Results

Organizations around the world are witnessing tangible results through Survey123, from increased data accuracy to accelerated decision-making.