Sovereign Data Centre located on First Nation Land

Makwa7 has extensive expertise in the collection, digitization, and management of information and data. Our commitment to supporting the self-determination and self-governance goals of First Nations communities has become a fundamental part of the work we do. Recognizing the paramount importance of data sovereignty, we prioritize safeguarding the Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession (OCAP®) of data to ensure it remains under the jurisdiction of the respective Nation.

The Facility

Located on sovereign, First Nation land in Kamloops, B.C., Makwa7’s data centre will offer a range of services including colocation, cloud hosting, managed services, and disaster recovery solutions. The data centre will be equipped with the latest server hardware, redundant power and internet connectivity, cooling systems, and robust security measures to ensure the highest level of reliability and data protection.

Protecting First Nations Data with Sovereign Solutions

Makwa7 recognized the existing gap between data and its secure storage on Sovereign land. To address this, Makwa7 embarked on creating a solution that empowers First Nation communities to fully control their information, ensuring it is not stored in the cloud or in foreign countries. As stewards of their data, our approach focuses on instilling trust through secure and managed housing of information. Facilitating this trust-building process is the pivotal capability to provide the option for data to be housed on sovereign First Nation land.

Kamloops is located in a region with low seismic activity compared to other parts of British Columbia, making it an attractive location for a data centre that require stable and secure environments.

The region’s relatively cool climate helps reduce the cost and energy consumption associated with cooling a data centre.

Kamloops has access to reliable and relatively affordable hydroelectric power, which is essential for an energy-intensive operation.

The city of Kamloops has strong telecommunications infrastructure, including high-speed internet and robust network connectivity, ensuring the necessary bandwidth and reliability for continued operations.

The data center in Kamloops would be a catalyst leading to similar centres across Canada for companies that need disaster recovery solutions for redundancy in their data storage and processing capabilities. This would ensure business continuity in case of localized disasters in other regions.