Transform Your Business with M-Files

Businesses are flooding with information – consisting of internally generated content and documents, files and records obtained from clients, associates, and suppliers. Without an information management system in place, time is taken away from vital tasks to search for documents required.

The challenge of “content chaos” stems from the fact that the data typically resides across an increasingly complex landscape of applications, network folders and devices. It has become vital for companies to formulate processes that promote smooth operations and maintain consistent workflows across the entire system.

What is an Intelligent Information Management System (M-Files)?

M-Files intelligent information management (IIM) system improves business performance by helping professionals find and use information more efficiently. M-Files provides quick and easy access to the correct content from any core business system with a unique approach to IIM that is based on managing information by “what” it is versus “where” it is stored.

Metadata refers to descriptive information or context. When you import a document into       M-Files, documents are saved by what they are, how they should be managed, and what it relates to and a metadata card is filled out. By applying M-Files to your business you enable your employees to find the content they need quickly and conveniently, regardless of which business application it resides in, leading to quicker outcomes and enhanced collaboration.

Automate Billing Processes

One of the benefits of M-Files is the automation of billing processes, including automating accounts payable and invoice processing workflows. Automation eliminates manual handling of payables and receivables, and the human errors that manual processing can cause. Additionally, automation reduces the time and cost of financial operations.

 Since many key operations are carried out in documents and other types of information, you can leverage metadata to handle information processes automatically resulting in standardized and defined operations. Professional service companies that embrace data entry automation become more agile in eliminating manual, error-prone processes.

Streamline Hiring Practices and Collaboration

Managing employee records and other required documents can be made easier, quicker, and safer using the M-Files solution By providing organizations with a centralized forum for managing all procedures and paperwork, including recruiting, boarding, training and performance management; operations become more efficient. When operations are more efficient, productivity is increased by allowing staff to focus on billable work rather than tedious manual tasks and searching for information.

Simplify Contract Management

Contract management can be difficult considering how many organizations, agencies and individuals are involved. The process of contract management can be simplified, automated, and improved using M-Files. Businesses can become at risk when contracts are unorganized and hard to find. Loss of revenue can become a factor when processes are inefficient, without an information management system in place, companies are putting themselves and their clients at risk.

The M-Files solution enables businesses to maintain consistency in how contracts are processed while reducing human error and by automating your company’s information, review and approval processes times are reduced. 

Optimize Accuracy and Response Times

When employees have fast access to customer-related information, issues can be resolved expeditiously, and satisfaction improves. Having documents reside in different locations, can be difficult for customer service personnel to gather all the necessary data to resolve outstanding customer issues in an efficient manner.

 With IIM, employees can instantly locate the required documents from their desktops or mobile devices by conducting a simple search from within M-Files.

Meta Data Driven